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18th Congress: Virginia 1823

Virginia elected one Federalist and twenty-one Democratic-Republicans to the Eighteenth Congress. Two of those Democratic-Republicans were part of a faction led by Andrew Jackson, one of the Democratic-Republicans was part of a faction led by John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay, and fourteen of the Democratic-Republicans were part of a faction led by William Crawford.

The map for this election is incomplete due to the lack of returns in several counties.

Following the 1820 Census, Virginia lost one seat in the House of Representatives.

Virginia used a district system for electing members to Congress.

In 1824, a special election was held in which John Taliaferro was elected to replace William Lee Ball, who had died.

District Candidate Party Vote Percentage Elected
1 Thomas Newton Adams/Clay
2 Arthur Smith Republican Faction unopposed
3 William S. Archer Democratic-Republican unopposed
4 Mark Alexander Republican Faction unopposed
5 John Randolph Democratic-Republican unopposed
6 George Tucker Democratic-Republican unopposed
7 Jabez Leftwich Republican Faction 1,463 56.1%
7 Nathaniel H. Claiborne Democratic-Republican 1,144 43.9%
8 Burwell Bassett Republican Faction 1,051 58.2%
8 Abel P. Upshur Federalist 749 41.5%
9 Andrew Stevenson Republican Faction unopposed
10 William C. Rives Jacksonian unopposed
11 Philip P. Barbour Republican Faction unopposed
12 Robert S. Garnett Republican Faction 1,092 75.3%
12 Edwin Upshaw Federalist 358 24.7%
13 William Lee Ball Republican Faction
14 Charles F. Mercer Republican Faction 774 51.8%
14 Sydnor Bailey Democratic-Republican 720 48.2%
15 John S. Barbour Republican Faction 578 43.8%
15 Thomas Marshall Federalist 535 40.6%
15 Thomas Brown Democratic-Republican 206 15.6%
16 James Stephenson Federalist
17 Jared Williams Democratic-Republican 811 49.2%
17 Alfred H. Powell Federalist 661 40.1%
17 Samuel Kercheval Democratic-Republican 176 10.7%
18 Joseph Johnson Jacksonian 1,679 58.2%
18 Phillip Doddridge Federalist 1,104 38.3%
19 William MacCoy Republican Faction unopposed
20 John Floyd Republican Faction unopposed
21 William Smith Republican Faction 1,648 55.5%
21 James M. Beale Democratic-Republican 937 31.6%
21 Isaac Morris Democratic-Republican 261 8.8%
22 Alexander Smyth Republican Faction 1,600 55.6%
22 Benjamin Estill Federalist 1,277 44.4%

In most cases, only candidates who received more than 5 percent of the vote in a district are reported. Other candidates are reported as a group, but only if they in aggregate received more than 5 percent of the vote. In addition, percentages for each district may not add up to 100 percent due to rounding. The term Dissenting Republican includes various breakaway factions of the Democratic-Republican party.

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