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18th Congress: North Carolina 1823

North Carolina elected thirteen Democratic-Republicans to the Eighteenth Congress. Two of those Democratic-Republicans were part of a faction led by Andrew Jackson, one of the Democratic-Republicans was part of a faction led by John Quincy Adams and Henry Clay, and nine of the Democratic-Republicans were part of a faction led by William Crawford.

The map for this election is incomplete due to the lack of returns in many counties.

North Carolina used a district system for electing members to Congress.

In 1825, a special election was held in which George Outlaw was elected to replace Hutchins G. Burton, who had resigned after being elected Governor.

District Candidate Party Vote Percentage Elected
1 Alfred M. Gatlin Republican Faction 2,407 52.9%
1 Lemuel Sawyer Democratic-Republican 2,139 47.1%
2 Hutchins G. Burton Republican Faction
3 Thomas H. Hall Republican Faction 2,483 52.2%
3 William Clark Federalist 2,273 47.8%
4 Richard D. Spaight Republican Faction unopposed
5 Charles Hooks Republican Faction
6 Welden N. Edwards Republican Faction 3,180 100%
7 John Culpepper Adams/Clay 3,074 50.9%
7 Alexander MacNeil 2,969 49.1%
8 Willie P. Mangum Jacksonian 2,523 59.3%
8 Daniel L. Barringer Jacksonian 1,729 40.7%
9 Romulus S. Sanders Republican Faction 3,821 unopposed
10 John Long Republican Faction 3,308 66.9%
10 John MacClelland 1,640 33.1%
11 Henry W. Conner Jacksonian 2,828 60.7%
11 William Davidson Federalist 1,831 39.3%
12 Felix Walker Democratic-Republican 1,913 50%
12 Robert B. Vance Democratic-Republican 1,913 50%
13 Lewis Williams Republican Faction

In most cases, only candidates who received more than 5 percent of the vote in a district are reported. Other candidates are reported as a group, but only if they in aggregate received more than 5 percent of the vote. In addition, percentages for each district may not add up to 100 percent due to rounding. The term Dissenting Republican includes various breakaway factions of the Democratic-Republican party.

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